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    Hello, we recently got our A10 Thunder series Load Balancers installed and configured on the network. I’m trying to get them to talk to our Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) AAA TACACS+ server. What we are running into is the device doesn’t see the ISE server on the same subnet. We are using the management (mgt) port for OOB mgt of the device. The routing tables for mgt and data are in use so all mgt traffic should be going through the mgt interface. What we noticed is that we can traceroute from our Core back to the A10 but when attempting to go the other way we get nothing and it’s on the same subnet.
    Anything special required or needs be enabled? I’m reading the documentation and it appears we have everything properly configured.
    We were thinking that a VE for the mgt vlan is required on the A10 but that didn’t appear to help.

    The other part of my question are the settings for the Shell Profile.
    I got some information that all we required was to set a single line of a10-admin-role=admin for privileges.
    This is what I have in the profile:


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