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    I am currently testing a10 ADC to load balance 5 servers of an IIS Web Applications. I’ve configured the vThunder with source ip persistence with priority of each server is 10-6.

    I can access my app just fine, but when the selected server dies, I can no longer maintain my current session and need to re-login to be redirected to the next highest priority server.

    Can anyone please point out a way/s to maintain the sessions from the ADC side?
    I don’t want to touch the application config yet.



    This will most likely require modification of the application. In order for the Thunder to “auto-login” to a new server, it would have to maintain that information some how. It might be easer to have the app set a security token of some sort so that if the session dies, the client just has to present the token via an HTTP Cookie or some other Header field to the app which does a quick lookup to see if the client if valid and continues on. This also implies that the session state is not stored on the individual ISS servers, but in some central data store that all your ISS servers have access to. You could have the A10 Thunder maintain a session table of connected clients using aFlex scripts, but its going to be easer to implement session control in your app most likely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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