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    What is the significance of the GSLB service port? I have set up my service IP ports to match my SLB configuration. I understand that service IP ports are in place because they can be used for health checking. However, at the service level, it seems the port is kind of redundant and I have simply set up port 53 to match DNS. At first I assumed it must be a service-level health check feature, but when you configure the service you also have the option of specifying health check ports that can be used. I have looked at the GSLB guide and I still don’t see a clear explanation.


    Check out the documentation under the Multiple-Port Health Monitoring in the GSLB guide. I think that helps explain at least how the service ports work a little better. I agree, not a crystal clear message, but good enough to have the understanding of what it should be.

    In general, there is typically a main service port for each service-ip (53 for dns, 443 for web-services, 21 for ftp, etc), so the service port in the zone configuration will just line up with those (as they are the ports the gslb protocol will use to verify health). The multiple-port health monitoring setup will help deal with situation where you want to track services with multiple ports.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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